Synergy Course Descriptions

Bible Covenants

An exhaustive study of the blood covenant and its significance to the new covenant. A study in the principles of covenants and our covenant with God, that the believer may be established in their legal stand with God.

Christian Stewardship

This course will investigate the teachings of the bible concerning personal and ministry finances. Students will learn how to develop biblical priorities, manage their financial affairs wisely, and will develop a healthy Christian world-view of this area of their lives.

Christian Theology I

A study of five frequently asked questions concerning the bible: Who is God? How does God reveal Himself? Who is Jesus Christ? Who is man? What is sin?

Christian Theology II

A study of an additional five frequently asked questions concerning the bible: What does it mean to be saved? What is the place of the Holy Spirit? What is the Church and why do we need it? What will the end of time be like?

Church Leadership I

A study of the principles of Christian leadership including Christian values, how to be an effective leader, and developing lay leaders in a local church.

Church Leadership II

Church Leadership II is a complimentary course to Church Leadership I (although Church Leadership I is not a pre-requisite to Church Leadership II). Careful consideration will be given to biblical principles of Christian Leadership that lead to church growth.


A study of end-time events, the blessed hope, the rapture of the church, and the end of the age. This course will discuss the importance of these events and their relation to the end-time harvest and work of the church.

Foundations of Faith

A study of Bible faith; what it is, how it operates, the laws governing confession, and the power of the tongue. Also, a balance between faith, foolishness, or presumption, to prepare the student for a life and ministry of faith.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

“Gifts of the Holy Spirit” is a study of the spiritual gifts as weapons of warfare. The gifts are studied in light of the motivational gifts and the five-fold ministry gifts. Attention is given to helping the student identify special spiritual gifts in his or her ministry.

Growing Up Spiritually

This course will discuss the different phases of spiritual growth such as infancy, adolescences, and adulthood. Emphasis will be on how to grow up spiritually.

History of the Bible

This course is an overview study of the Bible. We will consider how the Bible was first inspired, canonized, read as sacred literature, copied in the languages of the ancient manuscripts, and finally translated into the languages of the world. We will discover the human author and the purpose of each book of the Bible; and we will see what each book says about Christ.

Family & the Ministry

God’s Word has the power to put the ax to the root of problems to transform the spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy in our families. However, we must apply the ax in order to get results. Discover how we each can be transformed into a person of wholeness to better equip us in relationships and prepare us for ministry.

Pastoral Counseling

This course is designed to aid in the establishing and effective biblical counseling model. Emphasis will be placed on developing the students overall philosophy for counseling ministry.

Pastoral Letters

A study of the epistles of I & II Timothy and Titus and the instructions that the Apostle Paul gave to these young ministers concerning strong foundations for ministry.

Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

An in depth study of the Holy Spirit in the Trinity, His ministry and function in the believer, and His purpose for operating in the earth. This course will emphasize the person of the Holy Spirit rather than His gifts.

Person of Jesus Christ

A study of Jesus Christ in relation to the Godhead, His origin, miracles, person and ministry.

Practical Ministries

This course is a study about the importance of the ministry of helps in the local church and the Body of Christ. In addition to instructor teaching, students will become familiar with multiple areas of ministries through experienced leaders who oversee departments in their local churches. The course will also familiarize students with the standard policies and procedures of ministry departments.


A course designed to equip the believer to study, prepare and deliver messages from the word of God. This course will include a speaker’s lab where students will practice what they have learned.

Religious Cults

This course will identify modern day cults that challenge sound Christian teaching. A comparative study of orthodox Christianity with each cult doctrine will empower the student to avoid theological ditches and to teach sound biblical doctrine.

Spiritual Authority

This is a study of the authority of the believer, submission and authority, and how it relates to the life of the believer.

The Book of Romans

A study into our redemption in Christ through grace, faith, righteousness, and important Christian foundational truths.

The Church & Its Mission

An in depth study into the call and work of the church in evangelism. This is a course to inspire and instruct the believer in the Biblical pattern for evangelism.

The Effective Prayer Life

A study of the various types of prayer, the importance of prayer in a believer’s life and ministry, and the dynamics and principles of prayer. Prayer is the lifeline on ones Christian life and ministry.


This is a study of the fundamentals and the basics of music and the practice of worship in the church and in the life of an individual believer. How to flow in the anointing.